Thursday, 3 April 2008



The challenge was to create a self referential portfolio of the given word "Systems" with a restriction of one parameter which drives the whole portfolio. And the chosen parameter was line.

Size: 9 cm x 9 cm
Components: Sculpture, booklet
Materials: Various 
Created: Spring 2008

Artist Statement:

My line of thought
is as follows
a form
a system
made of sub systems
of a circuit
of a memory board
of pages
of words
of a pencil
of a battery
of a switch
to be switched on
when needed
when I am in
a state of mind
the energy flows
through a channel
of thoughts
that generate
in a line
a series of lines
which are infinite
I randomly
my words
my inspirations
in the source
of my thinking system
my sketch book


Alia said...

one the most interesting and inspirating projects!

abeer.tahlak said...

now when i see it again - the mechanical portfolio - it reaally looks like YOU, it reflects you very well and the process you go through to produce work !

well done ^^

ralghaith said...

hehe ThankYOU^^

i imagined it as a huge installation
in an art fair.. everything huge
that you could walk around and see through :)

and a huge sketchbook**