Saturday, 15 March 2008



The Challenge was to create a self referential portfolio of the given word "Fiction". With the restriction of a parameter that drives the whole portfolio. And the chosen parameter here was color.


A leather case found in the pocket of a wandering charlatan, composed and distilled by an alchemist in the form of color. The colors represent my life, my soul, my skin, my eyes, my mind, my hairline, my garment, and my beauty. All to be gathered from my land as portrayed within the case to transform into my figure.

Size: 19 cm x 11.5 cm
Components: A leather case
Printing: Ink-jet
Material: Leather, cartridge  paper
Created: Spring 2008

Artist Statement:

In the Arabian land
Of seven kingdoms
Her eight colors are found
The green, the blue, the red,
the yellow, the brown, the black
the gold , the white
all to be gathered
at noon, in the dawn
or in the absence of hours
they all form her figure
only the green, the blue
the red, the yellow, the brown,
the black, the gold, the white
and not another color.
A droplet of the blue
A pinch of the yellow
A fragment of the gold
A part from the black
A word from the white
A piece from the green
A slice from the red
A tip from the brown
All to blend
To make her soul,
Her skin, her eyes,
Her garment, her mind
Her life, her beauty,
Her hairline.
And repeat those words
Colors of wonder
Colors of power
Increase in potency
by minute & hour
I conjure you now
I charge you with strength
I give you life of infinite length
& boundless magical energy
As I will, charged you be
Transform me into reem


Dana said...

Aw Weeemeth.... it is amazing.. lovin it

abeer.tahlak said...

very interesting layouts - i enjoy how the color bottles blend with the b/w texture